About Us

A passion for opening day that brings brands and developers together

Marc McQuain and Peter Row met in 1997 to open California’s most ambitious shopping centre redevelopment project. In the years that followed, their experience in retail delivery brought some of the most iconic developments to life across Europe, Australia and the USA. Their passion for opening retail projects sparked an idea and Vindico was founded in 2002.

Today, 20 years since its inception, Vindico is one of the most trusted names in retail real estate. We connect international brands with the largest retail projects across the globe. Our reputation is built on the mammoth task of bringing brands and developers together and achieving their vision, all in time for a successful opening day experience.

Brands are finding new ways to connect with their customers. We have been challenged to rethink how they do this. It’s a challenge we have taken head-on by creating physical retail experiences that echo a brand’s digital presence. In this fast-changing retail real estate landscape, our passion for opening retail spaces burns brighter than ever.


A global culture made up of the brightest minds and a shared passion for opening day

Retail Project Management - Vindico

Marc McQuain

Founding Director

Marc is Co-Founder and Director leading our relocatable retail agenda and partnership with Volstrukt.

Retail Project Management - Vindico

Peter Row

Founding Director

Peter is Co-Founder and Director overseeing strategy development.

Retail Project Management - Vindico

Richard Kim

CEO & Managing Director

Richard leads the team globally and has overall responsibility for stakeholder outcomes.

Retail Project Management - Vindico

Nicci Anderson

Chief Financial Officer

Nicci is responsible for finance, corporate affairs and compliance.

Retail Project Management - Vindico

Paul Mathews

Chief Operating Officer

Paul oversees our studio, site, strategy and service teams, to deliver project and portfolio outcomes across the Middle East and India. 

Retail Project Management - Vindico

Abdullah Al Rafaei

Executive Advisor

Abdullah is Vindico’s local partner and advisor for the business across the Middle East.

Retail Project Management - Vindico

Nihad Muzamil


Nihad leads our work with global brands and is responsible for projects and portfolios across the UAE.

Retail Project Management - Vindico

Maryam Patel

Head of India

Maryam manages client and retailer relationships and supports our teams on development projects across India.

Retail Project Management - Vindico

Lynn Hemingway

Head of Qatar and Oman

Lynn delivers client outcomes for major projects and portfolio services across Qatar and Oman. 

Retail Project Management - Vindico

Ramesh Anbalagan

Head of Talent & Digital

Ramesh oversees talent acquisition, training and deployment including the development of digital service delivery.

Trapti Rai

Marketing Manager

Trapti is responsible for brand management and communications.


Pushing the envelope in retail project management is what we are known for. But, it wouldn’t be possible without our people. Being a multicultural, global team has allowed us to discover common threads that connect people and transcend borders. As a company, we are respectful of the cultures and communities that we become a part of and learn so much from.

Our core values come from our global experience and our multicultural team.

  • Performance:
    Large-scale retail delivery projects are high-pressure environments with huge expectations and slim margins of error. It’s where we thrive.
  • Perspective:
    Take a step back, deconstruct, and ask questions (even the most obvious ones). This helps us get to the heart of everything from complex retail projects to the simplest needs of our clients.
  • Agility:
    The ability to think on our feet keeps us ahead of the curve in a dynamic retail real estate world.
  • Integrity:
    Our reputation is on the line every day and it only strengthens our resolve to deliver on the expectations we set.


Vindico has been learning from cultures and people along the way. Our growing global presence from in the US and UK to the flourishing retail markets of the Middle East and India has been centred around our ability to understand our clients’ needs. A global footprint gives us a front-row seat to the evolving world of retail real estate. It enables us to innovate and change with every project we do.