3DWD and Vindico deliver shopfront activation

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3DWD, the Amsterdam based creative services agency, has partnered with Vindico to offer shopping centre managers and developers access to 3DWD’s specialist vacancy management capability across the Middle East.

With retail property and brand clients in over forty countries, 3DWD is a leader in designing activation solutions for vacant shopfronts, specialising in three-dimensional graphics and animation using its proprietary design and rendering technology.

3DWD - Vindico

“Vindico and 3DWD is the perfect partnership,” says Dion Pouw, 3DWD Founder and CEO. “We share a common market niche and have the same desire to support our clients through the changes their businesses are experiencing.  Having been in the Middle East for over twelve years, Vindico has the local relationships and team to support the delivery of our product across the region.”

Vindico’s specialist retail design and delivery business has helped owners and occupiers of retail real estate open over 10,000 shops and restaurants across four continents.

3DWD | Vindico | Vacancy Managament | 3D Hoarding Graphics

“What was once a property perspective in dealing with unlet units has become a customer centric approach to enhancing the retail environment,” comments Vindico Founding Director, Peter Row.  “3DWD are the best in the world at what they do and our partnership with them is perfectly timed to offer the products and thinking that will support our clients as they set about reinventing retail real estate.”

3DWD’s approach to designing three-dimensional hoarding and shopfront treatments emerged out of an opportunity to show the potential of vacant spaces, with generic and branded store designs customised to the location.

As shopping centre developers and manages deepen their focus on customer experience, the treatment of dormant retail space becomes more important as every detail of the customer journey is critiqued and curated.

Paul Mathews, Vindico Chief Operating Officer explains: “The synergy between the 3DWD and Vindico processes creates room for a more proactive, coordinated approach to managing the right vacancy management solutions to be delivered in the right locations, and for the incredibly realistic and eye-catching 3D graphics to be used to maximum effect.

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