Aldar and Vindico Celebrate Opening 1,000 Shops & Restaurants

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The retail delivery partnership between Aldar Properties and Vindico has achieved a significant milestone, delivering it’s 1,000th tenant opening in the listed property company’s shopping centre portfolio.

Vindico, the Middle East’s leading specialist retail delivery company, has supported Aldar’s retail delivery team for ten years by providing an integrated content, design, management and onsite solution that has evolved in step with Aldar’s emergence as a leading owner and manager of retail real estate in Abu Dhabi.

Speaking at an event to celebrate the retail delivery partnership last week, Vindico Managing Director Richard Kim said, “We are very proud of what we have achieved over ten years with Aldar, and place great value on the working relationship we have established with such a key client.”

“Helping Aldar’s tenants and brands open 1,000 shops and restaurants across their portfolio reflects a lot of hard work by both of our teams, but also how our business model has evolved to continue to add value as an outsourced supplier through the transition of Aldar’s project development pipeline to retail property portfolio.”

Aldar and Vindico’s Retail Delivery teams celebrate their collaboration in supporting the opening of 1,000 shops and restaurants across Aldar’s retail projects and operating property portfolio. 

Aldar first appointed Vindico in 2008 as retail delivery consultant on the Central Market Souk project followed by Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi’s first superprime regional shopping centre. Today, the focus is on enhancing shopper experience by having shops and restaurants open in less time across Aldar’s operating properties.

“We would like to thank Aldar for recognising this achievement,” comments Paul Wagner, Vindico Head of Retail Delivery for Abu Dhabi and Portfolio Lead for the Aldar account. “It is rare for a Client to show its appreciation like this, and our group has enjoyed the opportunity to pause for a moment to reflect on what our two teams have achieved together.”

“Today is also an opportunity to look forward. We don’t take our relationship with Aldar for granted, and with such familiarity comes a responsibility to be looking for new ways to improve how we achieve retail delivery outcomes in an industry that is reinventing itself,” adds Wagner.

Duncan Howes, Aldar’s SVP Retail & Project Delivery presents a Certificate of Appreciation to Vindico Managing Director Richard Kim recognising Vindico’s contribution to the opening of 1,000 shops and restaurants by the two teams since 2008.

Vindico’s retail delivery solution is a flexible, activity-linked model integrating content creation, design review, process & stakeholder management and on site services across Aldar’s portfolio of twenty-four retail property assets.

“We have opened an average of two units a week, every week for ten years,” observes Paul Mathews, Vindico Director of Retail Delivery. “In that time, we have worked with over 800 different brands, and our Design team has completed 1,254 architectural concept reviews, 1,460 detail reviews and 1,583 MEP (Mechanical, Electric & Plumbing) reviews.”

“Those numbers reflect the depth and breadth of relationships and knowledge we have across the retail, design, authorities and fitout community that are key to coordinating the opening of so many shops and restaurants.”

And the 1,000th store?

Much loved Filipino brand Pancake House which opened it’s new 336 square metre outlet in the World Trade Center Mall on 5th October 2018, operated by local food service company Tablez Food Company.

Ganesh Nallasivan, Vindico’s Retail Delivery Manager who worked with Tablez and their team commented, “We didn’t realise at the time that this was the 1,000th unit – we had our heads down helping the brand open as quickly as possible as we usually do. But when I think of how much effort goes into getting one unit open, and multiply that by a thousand, it really is something to be proud of!”

For more information, or to contact Richard, Paul Wagner, Paul Mathews or Vindico’s Aldar retail delivery team, get in touch.

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