Changes At Vindico To Build Retail Momentum

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Richard Kim

DUBAI & LONDON: Vindico, the leading international provider of retail delivery strategy, design and management to shopping centres and airports, announces key management and branding changes.

Effective October 1st, Richard Kim has been appointed as Managing Director to lead an experienced management team in overseeing successful retail delivery outcomes for clients and their retailer tenants. The new management structure supports ongoing growth and penetration of the shopping centre portfolio sector, building on Vindico’s pedigree in new development projects.

Richard will work with founders Marc McQuain and Peter Row in an Executive Team that will take a broader view of Vindico’s synergies with sister brands – Volstrukt and Pop Modular Retail – across core Middle East and UK markets, and onto North America and the Asia Pacific.

Richard was a member of our start-up team in 2002, and has returned to Vindico with valuable experience in leading similar growth businesses in the USA,” comments Peter Row. “Our shared history, belief in where we can take our retail delivery offer and Richard’s capacity to lead our team makes this a very positive step change for the business.”

This move comes as VindicoVolstrukt and Pop Modular Retail launched their combined offer at this month’s BCSC Showcase in the UK. As Marc McQuain explains,

“We have always used the term ‘retail momentum’ to explain why getting shops open and earning is important. This has now become part of our brand, and the thread that links Volstrukt as a manufacturer of products, used by Pop Modular Retail to right-size and animate inline space managed by Vindico before and between new shop openings.”

From its factory in Austin, Texas, Volstrukt uses lightweight steel manufacturing in an integrated range of products that creates agile retail space through reconfigurable demise walls, shopfront enclosures, mezzanines, hoardings and the POCKETshop. Pop Modular Retail specialises in POCKETshop programmes, introducing over 50 new brand formats to 120+ temporary shopfront locations in shopping centres across the UAE and UK.

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