Corporate Challenge has Vindico Team Rushing Around Dubai

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Dubai: Members of Vindico’s Dubai based team have enjoyed bonding and testing their skills whilst exploring their home city at the 2018 Rush-a-Way Corporate Challenge.

The event sees teams discover new experiences at different locations across Dubai, each offering new challenges that test participants’ quick thinking, perseverance and teamwork.

Corporate Challenge

Two teams represented Vindico at the 2018 Rush-A-Way Corporate Challenge.  L-R Kayleigh Pullinger, Jenaro Villamor, Umer Patel, May Baluyot. Maryam Patel, Thom Sandham, Nihad Muzamil, and Kieran Harte

The weekend event  was also a chance for team members to get to know each other outside the office.

“We have a diverse team structure,” comments Thom Sandham, Head of Retail Delivery for Dubai, “with people spread across offices and project locations around the region, so an opportunity to spend time together at an event like this has even more meaning for our group.”

Umer Patel and Kieran Harte checking for traffic at the Emirates Kart Zone – Al Wasl Sports Club whilst May Baluyot and Maryam Patel show off their culinary skills at the ICCA – Knowledge Village

The format has competitors take on a series of challenges staged at venues across Dubai. At each challenge, teams earn points based on how fast they complete it and if they fail to complete a challenge within its allotted time, they receive a penalty. The next location is only revealed after successfully completing the challenge. Winners have earned the most points through the day.

“There was some friendly rivalry between our two teams,” said Retail Architect May Baluyot “but today is not about winning and losing – which is a good thing given my Vindico Jedi team came 33rd and the Vindico Purple Cobras came 27th out of 92 teams!”

Regional sales manager, Kieran Harte summed up the experience: “What a fantastic day! I thoroughly enjoyed it – sign me up for next year.”

Corporate Challenge

L-R: Kayeligh Pullinger, Nihad Muzamil, Kieran Harte and Umer Patel all banging the Vindico drum at the new Jebal Ali Sports Club during the 2018 2018 Rush-A-Way Corporate Challenge.

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