Dubai Properties Extends Vindico Portfolio Retail Delivery Solution

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Vindico, a leader in integrated tenant coordination & retail project management, has renewed an agreement with Dubai Properties that provides a retail delivery design, manage and onsite solution across its Dubai property portfolio.

“Our solution for Dubai Properties is another example of how our flexible product and fee structure aligns with a client whose variable retail delivery workload is spread across multiple development projects and operating properties,” comments Thomas Sandham, Vindico’s Head of Retail Delivery.

“We are literally helping Dubai Properties get their tenants’ brands open and earning one unit at a time.”

Dubai Properties’ local property teams select from Vindico’s flexible menu of retail delivery content, design, management and onsite services on a unit-by-unit basis inside a master framework agreement, including the Mazael Al-Khor mixed-use development in Dubai (above).

Dubai Properties first appointed Vindico in 2017 on a master framework agreement that enabled individual properties and projects to order retail delivery products as they were needed.  Following a review and refinement of the model, the service agreement was renewed.

“My role is to oversee the client relationship and coordinate retail delivery activity and outcomes across the portfolio,” explains Umer Patel, Vindico Retail Delivery Manager and Portfolio Lead for Dubai Properties. “At any point in time, we will be creating a technical criteria on one property, updating lease outline drawings for another whilst executing design review for a range of brands across others.”

“Our Service Level Agreement sets out fees per product, turnaround times and deliverables accommodating the differences in servicing an operating property compared to a development project, where there is a greater demand to liaise with the client’s construction and leasing teams.”

With a portfolio of residential and office-led mixed use properties that each include supporting retail and dining offers, including Dubai Wharf (above ) and Bay Square (part of the Business Bay district, below), Dubai Properties sought a retail delivery solution that could be quickly deployed by individual management teams.  The agreement with Vindico includes a standard product and pricing structure with agreed turnaround times and deliverables that can be executed on a unit-by-unit basis.

To learn more, or contact Thom our Umer, please get in touch.

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