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Vindico is proud to have completed a year in partnership with Swarovski, delivering retail momentum for the brand throughout the Middle East and Pakistan.

Vindico supports the process of opening and refurbishing Swarovski stores by planning, executing and closing out each project in line with the Client’s specific goals, timelines and standards.  Our retail delivery pedigree gives us added insights into navigating Landlord approvals processes, helping to get Swarovski stores open in less time.

In its first year, the partnership between Swarovski and Vindico has delivered seven new stores that are now open and earning in Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Pakistan and Lebanon.  As we look ahead, projects in Turkey and Saudi Arabia are already underway, giving the Vindico team opportunities to work with shopping centres, design and fitout suppliers in more markets and cultures.

Swarovski, open and earning at Mall of Muscat, Oman as part of the retail delivery partnership between Swarovski and Vindico.

“It’s been a privilege to work with an innovative business that is an industry leader recognised not only for its creative excellence and the timeless nature of its products, but also for its global sustainability efforts in embedding and adopting responsible, ethical and environmental standards.” says Maryam Patel, Vindico Senior Retail Delivery Manager.

Having delivered over 9,000 shops and restaurants across three continents, Vindico is able to bring its deep knowledge of the retail delivery process to bear from either side of the transaction inside a ‘Brands and Buildings’ approach which reflects the growing collaboration between landlords and tenants in a changing retail real estate industry.

Vindico supports Swarovski through the process of opening and refurbishing stores by planning, executing and closing out each project in line with the Client’s specific goals, timelines and standards.

“Our primary objective is to get units open and earning within given framework of scope, time, quality and budget,” says Nihad Muzamil, Vindico’s Group Head – Retail Delivery & Brand Development. “Throughout the process, we capture and report on valuable metrics that feed bank into our Clients’ store expansion programmes and business planning.  For a brand with almost 2,800 stores in as many as 170 countries, this data is important”.

Vindico represents Swarovski in its dealings with shopping center owners, franchisees, partners and store managers for the duration of the store design and fit out process. Vindico’s long-established working relationships across many of the region’s shopping centres combined with our understanding of the occupier-side challenges is greatly enhanced by working relationships with brands such as Swarovski, ultimately delivering an outcome sought by everyone – shops that are open and earning on time, in less time.

For more information, or to contact Maryam or Nihad, please get in touch.

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