Vindico celebrates retail delivery milestone in India with the opening of Global Malls, Bengaluru

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Vindico is set to disrupt yet another market with its one-of-a-kind services and industry insights. Partnering with the Lulu International Shopping Malls team, the vision to pack the world together in one place will be coming true for Bengaluru now. Global Malls, spanning 14 acres, is now open for the public, with over 75 units completed in association with Vindico by the mall opening day.   

Global Malls, Bengaluru, features a Hypermarket spread across 2 lakh sq. ft., the biggest indoor entertainment centre in the country, an eleven-screen cinema, and more. After the successful integration of 90% gross leasable area and completing fit-out management of several retail units, the Mall will host leading international brands, including Westside, Pantaloons, Bath & Body Works, Aldo, Tommy Hilfiger, Vero Moda, Samsonite, Adidas, Calvin Klein etc. to name a few. 

Global Malls, Bengaluru

Kiran Puthran, General Manager at Lulu International Shopping Malls, shared his experience of working with Vindico and said, “I am glad to have partnered with a team that represents innovation, execution, and operational excellence to churn out results in favour of all. Vindico offers bespoke solutions to every stakeholder in a retail delivery project. I knew our association with Vindico will be successful as they have partnered with us in several mall openings for our Group in the Middle East.”   

Vindico has worked closely with the Lulu International Shopping Malls team and will deliver a total of 141 fit-outs soon. After careful planning, practical operation, and effective implementation of the services, the company’s on-site team has helped Vindico achieve excellence by integrating retail designs according to the layout provided by the developer and the brands.   

 “As a boutique retail consultancy firm, Vindico’s entry into the Indian market has been incredibly successful. After successfully handing over Global Malls in Bengaluru, they are getting ready to launch Lulu Mall Trivandrum and Lulu Mall Lucknow. I think they are past the challenges phase and are gaining more momentum in the market. Lulu group believes in building an experience around their services, which is why we partnered with Vindico,” said Shibu Philips, Business Head, Lulu International Shopping Malls.   

He added, “Their bespoke retail designs, state-of-the-art fit-out management, and effective tenant coordination services proved incredibly helpful. If you ask me, spearheading the Indian retail delivery industry with a three-pronged approach will help Vindico revolutionize the market and set a precedence for how things are done.”     

Lulu Hypermarket, Global Malls, Bengaluru

The retail delivery team has worked perseveringly with mall developers to deliver a package teeming with bespoke retail experiences. Global Malls will feature an extravagant open food court with a seating capacity of over 1000, with 23 outlets serving the cravings of the city folk. Vindico’s retail delivery team coordinated for hours on end to ensure successful openings of international food chains, including KFC, Baskin Robbins, Pizza Hut, and Fujian Express.  

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