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UAE: In the November issue of RLI magazineVindico highlights the role of retailmomentum to open new shops on-time in development projects and in less time across portfolios of trading assets.

Vindico’s promise is simple: to get retail shops open and earning. This value proposition and how they achieve this are just some of the details that Vindico’s Founding Directors Marc McQuain and Peter Row shared with RLI Magazine, the world’s only global retail and leisure magazine and the primary voice of the global retail and leisure sectors, providing analyses on an extensive variety of topics and in-depth articles on the industry’s leading operators.

Vindico explains how its model of integrated retail delivery strategy, design and management supports opening new shops on-time in development projects and in less time across portfolios of trading assets.

“Our clients understood the important role that retail delivery plays and the need to create ‘retailmomentum’ in any new asset by maximising the number of trading shops and restaurants,” McQuain explains. “Whereas other firms may bolt retail delivery onto their construction or design offers, our clients see value in hiring specialists. Retail delivery is our core business, it’s all we do,” he says.

Since expanding business operations – from the UK and USA in 2002 to Dubai in 2007 – the Middle East region has become Vindico’s strongest market, with offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha and a permanent team over over sixty.

Vindico has over 4,500 shops & restaurants and 25 grand openings across 65 shopping centres & airports under its belt. To increase its ability to create and maintain retail momentum for ongoing and future projects, it has invested in sister companies Volstrukt, with its lightweight steel framing technology used to manufacture modular & relocatable retailability systems, and Pop Modular Retail, with its expertise in creating right-sized retail spaces and offers.

Peter is very positive and excited to help fast track store openings across the Middle East. He concludes, “Whilst our pedigree has been built on development projects, and we will continue to seek roles that see us support the opening of large numbers of shops on a single opening day, our future roster will be populated with a growing number of trading centres.”

Vindico’s push into trading assets has been supported by investment in enhanced systems and an in-house design, architectural and engineering team focused on retail delivery design.  This has resulted in two strategically important appointments; extending the relationship with Aldar into its community retail portfolio and with Hammerson, where Vindico is supporting a strategic review of retail delivery across its UK shopping centre assets.

To view the RLI article, click here.

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