We simplify real estate to help brands reach opening day in time.

Vindico’s reputation was primarily of a company that catered to property developers and landlords. But, working closely with over eight thousand brands gave us important insights into the retail side of the industry. We saw an opportunity to work with brands directly. Our solutions break down the intricate processes of real estate, design and fit-out management, to pave a smooth road to the big opening day. 

Today, we are reinventing the relationship between retail and real estate. Through a hybrid project management model, we have worked with landlords and tenants to achieve their common objectives, parallelly. From their first outlets to pulling off global rollouts, Vindico has enabled independent operators to find their footing in large retail projects. 

Our development of modular, reusable pocket shops has opened new possibilities in retail by giving brands the newfound flexibility that legacy processes cannot offer.


Smart and simple solutions tailored to your brand’s real estate needs

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