Opening Opportunity

Making a difference one opening at a time

As a global name, we wanted to have a positive impact on the communities that welcomed us. Through B1G1 – a movement that enables businesses to make a difference just by doing what they do every day – we found the perfect way to translate our work into meaningful change. 

In 2019, we opened our 10,000th brand and brought Vindico to India. To celebrate, we gave ten thousand days of education to children in India.

B1G1 makes it possible to provide not just education, but the opportunity to be fed (providing meals), the opportunity for better health (clean water, medicines and healthcare), the opportunity for safety (women’s refuges), and the opportunity to support communities (starting micro-businesses). All just by doing what we do. 

We know we can’t drive change alone. Which is why the brands and developers we work with help us choose the opportunities we can create together for those in need. 

Through Opening Opportunity, we are committed to doing more. The more brands we and our partners open, the greater the opportunity to make a difference.

We believe that business can (and should) be a force for good.

Which is why we have partnered with the Global Initiative, B1G1, to create ‘Opening Opportunity’.  For every brand we help open, we create opportunity through education by giving schooling to children in need in India.

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Two values shared by Vindico’s founders and the entire team are the driving force behind Opening Opportunity.

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Be a force for good.

Businesses can, and should, use entrepreneurial drive as a force for good.

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Be a good guest.

Businesses should give back to the countries and communities that host them.


In 2007, a group of small-business owners asked a simple question: “what would happen if we had a way to give back without changing the way we do business?” Three years later, the Buy 1 Give 1 (B1G1) non-profit was born.

The concept is simple: part of the proceeds from each business transaction automatically goes to activities that help those in need, thanks to built-in systems that are perfectly aligned with each company’s day-to-day operations.

Today, B1G1 has over 2,600 member businesses all creating positive change across the globe.

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