Vindico’s approach to retail real estate is based on three tenets – being in the middle, seeing retail development in its granular form, and committing to physical retail. 

In the middle is where all the action is. We operate where retail and real estate meet, by bringing brands and buildings together. Our approach to every project relies on and reveals the mutually beneficial relationship between developers and brands. 

We deconstruct retail real estate to see it in its granular form. We share the developer’s top-down perspective of balancing leasing, construction and tenant coordination. However, when we look bottom-up we see a clear picture of how deals, brands and spaces come together to provide a complete experience. 

The retail world is experiencing radical changes in the way brands interact with customers, and we believe that the physical connection between them is becoming ever more important. We know how and where brands can leverage physical touchpoints efficiently to establish long-lasting relationships with their customers.